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adobe1234January 31, 2012

I have an existing drip line (1/2 inch line of Rainbird emitter tubing) that runs around the perimeter of our house. I want to add some 1/4 inch feeder lines to extend the reach of the irrigation into the beds. From what I have gathered, I will need a hole puncher, barbed coupling, 1/4 inch tubing and a goof plug cap.

My question is what kind of emitter should I use? Should I use a "bug plug" instead of a goof plug to allow a drip at the cap? I see there are 1/4 inch emitter lines and mini in line drippers as well, but these do not appear to be pressure regulated. If you have some experience and can recommend the correct set up, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

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Not enough info here but let me see if I can help abit.

First the pressure of the line is important. If this is a full pres drip line then getting mini spray heads will most likely work better than drip lines with a bug plug set up. This micro heads from Rainbird have a micro head on a stake (4-5" long is a guess) that attach to a 1/4" hose. Each micro stake comes with a adapter (double male coupling) that is attached to the stake. Break off the adapter and use pliers to hold the end that isnt sharp. Shove the sharp end into the hose you have and it should puncture on its own. If it doesnt then use an ice pick CAREFULLY to make a starter hole. Then attach a 1/4" tube to the other end and cut it as long as you wish.

If your tube around your house is a low pre hose (not likely) then your options become much more limited. Drip tubes with bug plugs emit VERY little water (typically mesured in gallons per hour).

Good luck,

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Thanks for your reply. I believe it is a full pressure drip line that we have currently.

From your description, I am think of ordering this microsprayer:

and this 12" Stake w/ 18" Vinyl Tubing & Adapter:

So it seems I will need to use a hole punch in the main line in order to insert the barbed coupler that comes with the stake.

Does this sound right to you? Or do you think it's better to get the Rainbird version.

Thanks again.

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Those heads will work this link will show you the ones I was talking about. Do you need 12" height? Just a question not really important. The ones on the 2nd row called Xeri Spray 360 was the head I was thinking of. One advantage is the local HomeDepot and Lowes carry these heads so you can go look at them. Not sure if your store will have them but it would be likely.

Good luck,

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