Irrigation Motor Issues

Lindgren21January 5, 2013

I am installing an irrigation system that takes fresh water via pump and distributes water to a few specific locations in my yard.
The way my yard is set up, the water lines would have to go 90 degrees up a 15 foot hill/landscape setup..

Can anyone recommend a few pumps, and perhaps water lines that are quality,?

Also, is there a pump chart out there that recommends HP per quantity of nozzle heads?

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A few questions to understand what your after.
1. Elevation difference between source of water and top of hill(vertical height)?
2. What type and number of sprinklers are you planning on using for each location?
3. How many locations?
4. How long do you wish to irrigate?
5. What are the square feet areas you wish to irrigate?
There are irrigation tutorials on line and pump curves to study to compare what your answers are from the questions I asked. Aloha

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