really sub-sub irrigation

jimnburlJanuary 31, 2013

Let's say I wanted to provide water for something like Monarda didyma in the midst of other plants that are xeric. Why couldn't I just bury a 5-gallon bucket with the rim about 4-6 inches below ground level, stick in a pipe, fill with moisture-retentive soil and then replace the garden dirt and, of course, the Monarda. The bucket would act like an underground seep, wouldn't it? I'm thinking of doing this on Monarda, Japanese anemone, siberian iris and Stachys macrantha. Surrounding plants are caryopteris, agastache, lavender, penstemon, eryngium and perovskia. What do you think - will it work? jj

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Most successful regimes are discovered by trial and error. Go for it and let us know the results. Aloha

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