All new irrigation - which valves?

RoxySDFebruary 21, 2012

We have completely demo'd our front and backyard and are planning all new concrete, pavers, grass, and new [future] plantings. The entire area surrounding the house needs all new drainage and irrigation.

What products should I be asking my contractor to use for this work? I have heard that Irritrol are very good. I have read on here that Orbit are not good...


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I would ask the contractor to give you quotes that reflect several of the best brands and compare the bottom line. Ask him to explain the differences in the brands. Then report the gist of the discussion here and we can throw in our $0.02 to help with the decision. What's TIA!? JMHO Aloha

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Hi lehua13, I understand that he uses Rainbird. I have heard from others that they are not good. I have heard that Irratrol are the best. Should I splurge on those?

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in twenty-five years my experience is that irritrol is probably number three in overall quality. my personal preference is for rain bird or hunter for reliability and easy to understand, versatile controllers.

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I agree with Mike. Hunter has always been the top for me and Rainbird is close second and most other well known brands are fine for residential systems and lower residential system operating pressures. Nelson used to be up there but not sure if it still has the old-time quality. It is all in the budget you can afford. My $0.02 is that correct and quality installation is what is important as long as you go with the more well known brands. Get references from your contractor and make calls and check the BBB. Also check the warranties. Aloha

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