Testing/Tuning a Dixon ZT Mower # 4516K , 2001 Kohler eng # CV16S

loger_gwOctober 26, 2013

Hello baymee & Other Techs, Please share info and links on Testing and Tuning a Dixon Zero Turn Mower # 4516K with 2001 Kohler engine # CV16S.

History that I know of and questions:

1. No history of the last tune-up or if it the eng is mechanically sound for a good tune-up (ignition, fuel, compression "Basics").

2. What should the Eng compression = , Signs of good fire = , Signs of good fuel delivery = ???

3. It has good power once it is primed at the carb to start. Starting, it might backfire at the carb. It w/n run w/o a charged Batt.

In my opinion:

1. A good compression or percentage leakage test is needed to to know the cyl, rings, valves are good.

2. The backfire is telling me there is a timing issue.

3. Having to prime to start, is telling me there is a carb issue.

4. Having to charge to start and run is telling me there is a Stator issue.

5. Is #4 saying itâÂÂs a Batt Ignition System? Will affect fire? Will this affect the timing cause the backfire (starting).

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Oops. THANKS! Your help will be appreciated.

Plus, water is getting into fresh fuel almost instantly. How?

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Getting ahead sharing what my friend found/serviced on the mower and I found online.

1. He is up and cutting an acre after:
A. Changing oil (adding mistry oil with 40 wt oil) Tx Heat !
B. Adjusted choke that w/n working period = started w/o prime.
C. Will add stator which he has, felt he needed due to low volts of 12V or less output.
D. Will run compression when he borrows, feels too much power overrides it being low.
E. He remembers a sloppy key while at the F/W before.

2. I noticed the related specifics online and lots more I sent links on:
A. Water in gas can cause a backfire. Why is my question?
B. I feel back fires possibly causes bad flywheel keys mentioned.
C. He spotted the needed choke adjustment.

Bottom Line! He needs to service the mower vs Just Using It And Me.

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