Lagerstroemia fauriei âFantasyâ

treeguy_ny USDA z6a WNYMarch 16, 2013

I have read that this variety of the Japanese crepe myrtle has tolerated temperatures of -10F without damage. My questions is, will it tolerate long, below freezing winters if the temperatures only go below 0F for a couple days each winter? I would love to try this species/variety as I've been drooling over pictures of the bark and large form. What do you think? Anyone growing this in a cold zone 6 with long below freezing winters?

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I have no experience with this one, but I would certainly be interested if it worked. I grow some here, as dieback perennials, and they survive, but only bloom in the hotter years -- cooler years, the buds grow so slowly that they frost takes them in the fall before they open. However, even given that, they are a very nice, glossy foliage accent in a mixed border setting.

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