Problems with leaky drip tape connections

PoacherjoeFebruary 5, 2012

I have a problem with the connection points,Some don't leak at all and some leak badly! I have tried using some vasiline on the fittings while installing to help it slide into the fitting and I have wrapped additional teflon tape to fill in the void. Does Anybody have the answer to my problem? Thanks in advance.PS I dont want to glue it!I am using netifim fittings and the OD corisponds with the tape.

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The easy answer is this material isn't very good stuff. One of the reasons I avoid drip tape at all costs. But, since you have it just cut off the bad spots and remove 1-2 inches of the material and make a new connection if the leak is just too much. Basically, a lot of this material is made from recycled or non-virgin plastics. The inside diameter of the pipe is not accurate.

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