Did I Mess Up My Chainsaw's Clutch?

goodripleydog(Front Range CO)October 10, 2011

I'm fairly new to chainsaw world, just got a Husqvarna 445. When using it the other day I noticed the chain was loose. Before I could adjust it, it fell of the bar. After getting nowhere by loosening the tension screw, I pulled off the clutch cover and was able to get the chain back on the bar. However, I turned the clutch by hand while getting the chain on, and now the chain will not turn in either direction. Its like the brake is on and won't go off. I must have done something wrong by turning the clutch - how do I fix this?

Thanks for the help!


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No you did not do nothing wrong by turning the clutch it free wheeling till rpms comes up and over takes spring pressure holding the two clutch halfs togather.

Something is bound up. Probably the adjustment not in the notch hole on the bar and bound everything up. I would remove the cover, loosen the tension screw enough to get it in the bar hole easily when putting the cover back on. run the nuts down by hand but remove all the slack so the bar will still slide as you adjust the tension back on the chain.

As the tension gets close with glove on move the chain so you know it's not binding up as you adjust it. Once you got proper tension tighten the cover nuts to lock the bar in place and check tension and movement. Outside chance the brake locked up on the cover but that usually makes it real hard to get over the clutch when you try to put the cover back on...

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goodripleydog(Front Range CO)

Thanks for the advice. I'll give this a try on Saturday and hopefully be out cutting again!


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hey, thought of something else?? you could of got the chain off track and pinched the chain either on the bar or not around the clutch properly under the clutch cover??

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