Chainsaw with flooding issue

cuernoOctober 4, 2010

I have had trouble with a 025 Stihl not starting I took the carburator apart and put the air hose to it then put it back together and still no start, so I removed the muffler to see if it could start without any restriction, but no start. Then I happen to look in the exhaust hole and I saw about a teaspoon full of fuel in the cylinder, I tilted the saw every way possible but the fuel didn't come out so I used a paper towel. I guess I have a flooding issue but I'm wondering now if fuel has leaks down pass the rings, could I have a crankcase full of fuel, can the crankcase hold fuel, is there enough gap for the fuel to leak out of the saw at the bottom? Do I have a bomb here? Do I need to break down this thing completely?? Or just try to start it now that I have removed the fuel above the piston??

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Clean the Carb inlet valve apparently it is hanging causing your Flooding Condition . As for the Crankcase Issue if you have any usable compression over 100 # , I doubt any crankcase flooding has occurred. You could remove the Crankcase Breather hose to verify . Normally I just remove the spark plug and leave the Saw overnight .

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Well my 025 didn't blow up. It started up good, and ran well everytime I restarted. Thanks Ewalk, I've learn alot the last couple of days and don't feel so green now. I will now work on my dad's 028 that he gave me last spring, it keeps dying after about 4 seconds after starting. This unit has 150lbs compression so I'm going to put a carb kit, cause I have put the air hose to it already.

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Cue: A New Carb Kit although it may be necessary on an older saw normally is not the reason for for a poor idle or hesitation stall issues. Poor quality fuel or debris (varnish) with the Primary or Secondary fuel circuits is quite common. I would advise 1st to ensure you thoroughly clean the fuel system with a concentrated carb cleaner both within the fresh fuel mix (2 ounces) and spray within the High and Low Speed Jets and Carb Venturi Throat . Let the Cleaner sit for approx 1/2 Hr prior to attempting a start . 90 % of the time gumming of fuel is the cause of your fuel restriction concerns , especially with ethanol based fuel or a saw which has sat unused for a extended period. Just the opposite of your flooding problem , but with the same origin "Bad Fuel" . Give it a try 1st .

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This old 028 AV Wood Boss has not cut wood in over 5 years. I had found the fuel line where it connects to the fuel filter completely melted to a mushy mess. Have replace the fuel line and filter two days ago and after adding clean new fuel I got the hesitation stalling issue. Will go today and get some carb cleaner to try your tip to clean the carb.

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