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little_minnie(zone 4a)February 14, 2013

I didn't know garden web had an irrigation page!
I have a half acre market garden. Last year I did tape over the whole thing but had problems in mid summer with lack of watering in the far points of the field. So I am working out a better plan for 2013. I tried doing the whole garden at one time last year and that worked great for a couple months and then stopped as I said. Then I divided out, pulled out tape I didn't need anymore and did like 1/3 at a time.

This is the zones I propose this season and length of tape I will use. I want to know if this will work better.

Also I am ordering new tape for the beds that will be under mulch. It is the better grade 10 mil Aqua Trax. For the open beds where I can see what they are doing I will use the remaining roll of 8 mil John Deere brand.

I have been using 1/2 inch tubing to the tapes. Should I switch to 3/4 inch?

Also I need to buy tubing for low tunnels anyway. Is decent 3/4 inch or 1 inch tubing available at Menards and if so how much does it cost? I am almost ready to place an order for tape and plastic mulch but like to compare local cost with mailorder and shipping. I found the stuff at Home Depot was so high it as cheaper to order it from an irrigation company and pay the shipping.

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Don't know much about the costs in your local area but it seems your are already doing the research. This is a good time to purchase before the growing season starts. Here is $0.02 on your systems hydraulics. If the cost is not too prohibitive always use larger size source pipes to the drip. This minimizes the friction loss and allows the pressure to be constant further down the line. Drip line pressure is affected by diameter of pipe, length of lines and number and size of orifices of the drip tape. We can get into more of the design by giving me the flow rate and operating pressure of the water source and flow rate per linear feet of the drip tape you plan to use. JMHO aloha

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I agree with the last post that if budget allows to always go with larger mainline tubing. There is a lot of great information out on the Internet about irrigation. I had a great experience with Drip Depot. Their staff looked over my design and offered suggestions on how to set it up and what products I would need. Hope that helps.

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little_minnie(zone 4a)

Does anyone know if the fittings for the lay flat tubing can work on normal 1/2 inch poly tubing like I have?
The company I want to order from, see link, only has fittings for tape to lay flat tubing and the fittings look bigger.

Here is a link that might be useful: fittings

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Hard to tell from that site. Not good info for what they sell. That raises a warning flag to me. There are other sites that a very detailed in what IDs and ODs that fittings have. What is the IDs required for your tubing? The site you gave is using a 1" ID unless it calls out differently. At least that is my guess. Aloha

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