Chainsaw question.

evdpghOctober 25, 2012

I was recently given a John Deere chainsaw. I doubt that it's more than 10 years old, but I'm not exactly sure of it's age. This saw is actually a re-badged Homelite. Unlike other saws that I own this unit doesn't have a lock for holding the throttle wide open when starting. Have such throttle locks become a no-no?

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Interesting! I might have seen this once (on a McCullough Pro type model just lately) since my mid 70's purchases and troubleshooting mid and low grade saws. I relate this with a need on larger saws where you use your foot to help start the Monsters. Otherwise, I've seen it on Blowers and many electric hand tools with multiples using the same electrical equipment. We found it safer to rem locks vs plugging running equipment in an unsafe mode.

I understand the extra help starting and running a blower but I would question the safety of a chainsaw that could be locked WOT after it is starts.

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I don't think the OP meant WOT,Most of them I've used just crack the throttle open enough to help staring it.

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I Agree! It's not WOT with Blowers, but enough help to get started (while your hands are trying to hold and pull). Good Catch!!

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Most modern saws with the last 10 yrs have a high idle cam setting which precluded the need for the throttle lock feature. Once started depressing the throttle deactivates the high idle feature. Your JD saw is very stout homeowner unit , enjoy.

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ewalk, thanks for the explanation. I'm having trouble getting the carb adjusted on this machine and I think it has something to do with the high idle cam. There are the usual 3 adjustment screws and the limiter caps are still in place on the mixture screws. The saw will idle and accelerates well, but when the idle speed is set to where it will idle well it takes forever for it to return to idle from wide-open-throttle. Do you have any pertinent insights?

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Sounds like the saw fuel circuit is partially gummed up. Try some carb cleaner 1st prior to adjusting the high speed jet . You may need to run a tank through the saw prior to realizing a better idle down .

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