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navistarOctober 10, 2007

Has anyone heard any specific details on the Briggs recall on SnowKing engines particularly on Ariens Snowblowers? Supposedly, it has to do with the primer mechanism causing fires. I'd like to look into correcting the issue myself, but need to know what parts are involved.

The dealer I bought it from will fix it for free but they want to charge me like $75.00 for pick-up and delivery. The order hasn't come through on my new truck so I don't have any way to get it down there on my own.



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canguy(British Columbia)

Warranty normally does not cover pickup and delivery.The dealer will make more doing the warranty claim than selling you the parts over the counter, he will not give you the parts.

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Hi Canguy,
I'm certainly not looking fo the parts for free. I just want to find out what they are. I'm sure these parts have to be less than the transportation cost.


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This sounds strangely similar to the Crapsman snowblower
recall posted here not long ago.
I have a Husquevarna snowblower with a 'Snow King' engine
and it is made by Tecumsa, not Briggs. Do both
engine manufacturers make 'Snow Kings'?

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OK. Now I guess I'm the bonehead. I saw the service bulletin on my dealers website about the Arien's recall for B&S snow engines. I bought a 724E last fall with the SnowKing engine. I just assumed I had a Briggs. Sorry guys my bad.

Here are the details of the Ariens Recall: B&S Model 12, 15, 20 and 21 OHV engines on Snow Throwers. Here is a link to the pdf incase the link below doesn't work:



Here is a link that might be useful: B&S Recall

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I have a B&S on a Sears snow blower that had the same recall.
Sears shipped me the parts as well as a new spark plug & a quart of oil.
I am supposed to call when the parts came in so that Sears could schedule time for a tech to come to my house & replace the parts & do an oil change & replace the plug. Free of charge.
At the very least the dealer or manufacturer should supply the parts for nothing. It's cheaper than the lawsuit you'd file if the thing catches fire & burns down your garage & house.It's an easy fix that can be done anywhere. I
I plan on doing it myself probably.
I can get my part number if you want & post it later.

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comparing edsacre and navistar, it appears that sometimes buying from sears is better than buying from a dealer.

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According to the Sept. issue of Consumer Reports,
"When engines are primed, excess fuel can overflow into the carburator and ignite, posing fire and burn hazards to consumers." 480,000 B&S OHV engines on snow blowers
sold between 06/00 and 02/07 are effected. Brands included
are: Ariens, Canadiana, Craftsman, Frontier Equipment, Husqvarna, Poulan Pro, Simplicity, and Snapper.
I'm wondering if the fact that snowblowers don't
have air filters, is why other equipment with these
engines aren't having a problem.

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Marine engine don't have air filters either, but at least they have flame arresters to keep any fire from starting.

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Hello Everyone
If you can't get your snowblower to the shop then contact Briggs and they should help you in getting it fixed.
Also note that SnowKing is a Tecumseh engine.
Intek Snow engine is the engine that has been recalled by Briggs.
The Intek mower engines are set up differently so they are not an issue.

I had my fathers snowblower and my engine worked on because of this issue. It looks like they added 2 parts and a couple of stickers to the engines.
I will check it out better when I reinstall the engine back on my snowblower, this weekend.

Best of luck,

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Can anyone tell me if Tecumseh Snow King engines are good? I've have heard so many bad stories about Tecumseh BUT it seems that everyone is using the Snow King line in their snowblowers. Surely Ariens, Toro, etc. wouldn't be putting their reputations on the line with a crappy engine?

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canguy(British Columbia)

Tecumseh has been making Snow King engines for many years and until recently had a virtual lock on the market. Most problems are due to carbs crudded up by stale gas, snowblowers tend to get used infrequently.
The dealer will not supply parts over the counter under warranty because he needs to see the problem and determine the cause. The factory also wants make sure the parts are properly installed by a trained tech for liability reasons. This is the only way the they can learn and make improvements.

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Snow engines normally do not have air filters, Any engine with primer buttom when you push the buttom too much dumps raw gas into the carb and it leaks. This is especially true on 2 cycle weedeaters engines. Gas gets sucked down or leaks down in the crank case cavity and makes it hard to start due to the flood of gas in the comb./crank case sump. On 4 cycle engine the gas saturates the air filter and on models without filters it runs out the carb.

The problem with the primer bulb type priming system is you can't tell when the gas reaches the carb. and over priming creates a flooding condition. Manufacture/Dealers will normally blame it on the owner creating the flooding condition by not following starting procedure.

This is why IMO you do NOT want to start any power equipment in the garage or where fumes can acumulate with an ignition source, it can happen anytime and more likely on models that don't have filters do to the raw gas dripping out the carb.

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