getting tree stumps out

Campanula UK Z8March 16, 2010

help, I have to remove about 16 gnarly old shrubs from two borders. They are old and woody and I cannot get a stumpgrinder or digger onto the property as it is a tiny garden with no access. I am also worried about leaving stumps in the ground as vectors for honey fungus. Are some trees worse that others because I often come across old stumps left in gardens. I just don't want to cause problems some years down the road. Also, would you use a block and tackle (you might call it something different if the US like a chainhoist) as manual removal will be a nightmare. Can you drill and treat the remaining stump. The shrubs in question are mainly forsythia and buddleja so they are not full on trees but I am still worried. Any advice...on anything. cheers, Suzy

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

its a lot of hard labor.. but i would strip it down to 3 or 4 foot trunk stumps ... a meter or so, if you will ... these will be used for leverage ....

then just start digging as close to trunk as possible .... dig a bit.. see if they trunks flex .. watch for where you see roots moving in the soil .. cut one.. dig some more.. wiggle some more .... cut more roots.. dig more.. cut more.. wiggle more ... get one plant out ...

then get some ale.. and fall to the ground in physical exhaustion.. and make plans for the following Saturday ...

start by sharpening your shovel to cut thru smaller roots ... a good pruning saw will help .. and will be ruined using it in the soil ...

a sawsall might kick up the power ...

bottom line.. its just a lot of backbreaking hard work ... or if you are an optimist ... great exercise ...

good luck


ps: insure there are no buried utilities ...

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Campanula UK Z8

cheers ken yep, i do have a sharp heavy fencing spade so i guess it is exhaustion time again- not that I'm not used to it - i work with my partner as a design and build team but he has a bad back which means I am the labourer while he faffs about with a spirit level and trowel - I have dug literally hundreds of tons of soil, hardcore, ballast etc. whats a few tree trunks..ahem!

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toronado3800 Zone 6 StLouis(6)

When removing honeysuckle stumps I use my shovel and a sawzall also Ken. A big electric powered one, not a battery powered one.

Still alot of work.

Mostly though I just leave stumps rot where they lie if I can stand them.

I always wanted to take the winch from a wrecker to one but by the time I bought a house I no longer had the job at the tow-truck company and broken cables ARE quite dangerous.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sawzall / Reciprocating saw

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