New Well - Sand issue!

Outatime80February 9, 2012

Hi All

Will try keep this short but last summer I had a well installed for my irrigation, found a company and they finally came out and drilled a 40 ft well and installed the pump and pressure tank to go with it.

Shortly after all my heads kept getting full up with sand, I installed a sediment filter from Lowes to catch it but that kept filling up too, the well guy thought there was a break in the pipe which is why it was sucking such large sand particles in.

Then they came out and installed a 2nd filter inside the well and that then let through finer sand into the filter which blocked it even faster.

Monday they came and drilled another well for me but ever since the sediment filter has slowly been collecting sand again, I keep flushing it but it seems when the well starts its at its worst, although yesterday I left it running for three hours and it didn't collect anything...I thought it was fixed and then this morning I notice sand collecting at the bottom of the filter again. (see attached photo).

I have had the well running for hours and hours to try flush it and I am sure by now I would have cleared any sand from the install out but what do you think?

Can't tell you how frustrated I am with this well, all I want to do is irrigate my lawn but I keep having to go out and open a valve to flush the filter out!

Any advice please



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Where are you located?

Sandy wells are almost impossible to stop being sandy. My guess is your well driller is using a rotary drill rig and just punching down pipe hoping to get a good well rather than a hammer drill rig and spending the time to make a well in a good rock layer. I can only talk with authority about wells in south fla as different conditions exist in other parts of the country but a well company in those areas should know how to make a well. But, there is just about no good solution for a sandy well but to make another without sand.

Good luck,

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