irrigation from pool water

tiffosi1February 5, 2013

I am the owner of a hotel in the napa wine country and I am very interested to see if my irrigation can be supplied by the pool backwash that currently is draining to city sewer. The pool is filled with mineral water from below the property and the chlorine usage is pretty low. My question is two fold, is it possible to use this water for irrigation and whom could I call to design and implement the system. any help or information would be much appreciated.

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My logical answer to your question is yes. But you live in California and they have rules on "Grey Water". The City permit office would know the rules and if you ask them then they get to tax and fee you(your a commercial venture). That being said you need to determine how often you back-flush(total gallons per time period). Determine your flow rate(gallons per minute) when back-flushing. If you can move the back-flush under pressure you can store it in a tank or holding pond to dissipate the chlorine and use at your convenience. There should many irrigation experts in Napa Valley. The vineyards probably have them on speed dial. They can design you a custom system. You could even sell water to others. Get more than one company to give you a design and we can help you evaluate the proposals. Good Luck aloha

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