Soil Salinity Issues

immobilus(9a)February 16, 2013

I'm having issues with salinity of my soil. Even with amendments, the soil appears to be doing harm to my photinia bushes. Interestingly, I have 6 bushes in my yard, the ones that never receive look final (south side of yard), but the ones on the north side (lots of light) appear to have either salinity issues or iron deficiencies. See the photo.

My garden hose is used to water all six plants, so I'm not sure whether water quality is contributing to the issue. Someone told me Epsom salt helps reduce soil salinity. I'm not sure if this is true.

How do you reduce the salinity of soil? Is there any amendments that I can use to reduce it? Gypsum? Any help is appreciated.

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Have a soil sample analyzed along with your water source to see what your dealing with. When you have the levels of minerals identified then a recommendation can be given. Find out the make up of Epsom Salts and with the analysis you can see if that contributes something your soil is lacking. Is your soil sandy(fast draining) or clayey (slow draining)? Do you have a high water table or an clay strata of soil underneath your plants? What is your watering and fertilizing regime? It may be more than just a high salinity issue but a soil mechanics and irrigating issue. Aloha

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