Snow Blower Tire Diameter for Incline

edge(6a)October 12, 2012

I am looking at two stage snow blowers and I have a driveway with a 12 degree incline , which breaks to level halfway up. Sometimes we get wet heavy snow. How much of an difference in traction would I see on snow blowers with a 13 in vs 15 in diameter tire. I realized that tire width lugs, and compound etc may make a difference in traction. But will the 15 inch tire be much better in traction than a 13 given they were about the same quality and design?

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I think the 15's will do better w/ your slope. I'll also advise using chains.

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tom_nwnj(z6 NJ)

Sure more tire width helps, but a heavy wet snow is gonna push back just the same. I would look to oversize the unit, for your length of driveway.

My drive is 500 feet, some incline, but not 12 degrees. Have a 1333 Yardman, 6 forwards, 2 reverses. I use them all. Some people say Yardman is cheapo. Yeah, but I don't beat it like a rug. Bought this one in 2001. Works great. Also, NEVER stop your snowblower with an auger full of wet snow. Sure to bust the belt. Been there, done that.

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Definitely get tire chains, you can google them and order online a lot cheaper than buyng from the dealer. Loading the tires wouldn't make a lot of difference as all your weight is already sitting on the axle IMHO. Also, going downhill take a "full bite" and on the return trip take a "lesser bite" depending on conditiions.

I don't think tire diameter really works into it unless it means a bigger machine, width=traction particuarly with chains.

If you've never had a blower, do you have a place to park it "inside?" Putting it inside where it's above freezing occasionally really helps, it melts the snow, ice, "salty mush" and keeps you and the machine much happier. If you park one with all that wet stuff inside, overnight it'll freeze, effectively freezing all the moving parts. A 60W trouble light turned on and put down the chute helps a lot. A lot of folks swear by water dispersal sprays like WD-40 before and after use, I just "melted them down" periodically.

Good luck,


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I agree with Exmar within snow blower usage the marginal difference in tread path between 13" and 15" would be insignificant . Chain addition is the way to go within your application , if your were talking snowplowing (truck) then tire tread style and width would more of an issue.

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