Help needed on honda em7000is

loger_gwOctober 6, 2013

I am trying to help a poster with his info in the square below on another board. Are there any tips here that you can share as I am trying to share 2 youtubes. His 475.00 purchase price is hurting me. LOL

I saw two Honda youtubs below related but c/n hear the sound. Walk the dog back by there and share your results to see if he will share more history. Good Luck!

em7000is no power
Hi im new to this thread infact I have never been on a thread at all but im hoping som else one can help me. The story and problem is this, I had a duracell generator that had 11 hrs on it went camping and the charging system stoped producing voltage after alot of head ache I figured it to be the windings so I sold it for parts. Today I was walking the dog and stumbled onto a honda em7000is for sale for $475. It was not running I was told it needed a starter solinoid but I was thrown off by the fact that it would not start with the coard but for that cheep I knew I could fix anything motor related so as fast as I could grab my walet I payed the man and brought it home. Here is where it changed I hooked up a jump pack and it turned perfect with the key. It would not start though after cleaning the carb it runs like a champ how ever it will not give me voltage at the outlet so now I know he was definatily lieing to me but even worse I can not find any information on how to test the circuit and go about figuring out what I need to replace. I am a mechanic by day and I was an electrician ( we instaled generators not built them) so although I like to believer that I can fix anything I know nothing about the electrical portion of a generator. Any help anyone can offer me would be greatily appreciated. An added not the engine does kinda sound like it is under load and shakes more then I would think it should so I know thats not good but one thing at a time. Thanks for the help, nick

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Good help toward a manual with help has been posted on the other board as help. Thanks!

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

Just plug in drill and turn chuck by hand backwards with trigger on this make put out current when start up gen setting long time need this done some more often than others.

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Thanks Gator! IâÂÂm not into Gens and this is throwing me. Are you saying this could trigger his Gen to put out power? Please share the theory involved if this is what you are saying.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

Yes you reset field coils current using a drill turning backwards by hand to get go back to gen trigger on drill needs pulling that make contact back to gen a gen setting a long time loose field and simple drill are any small motor turn in revere charge gen just turn chuck 3 or 4 times backwards then crank gen should run drill in forward if this what gen needed. There a machine that cost a lot money that do same thing as drill. Most drill are reversible now so good change you have one that run both direction it got to be a reversible tool that charge gen set some of china loose ability to make current sooner than others.

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Thanks Gator! I'll share the info and hope it helps..

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