Sprinkler heads too tall!

agrandmaFebruary 17, 2012

There are several automatic sprinkler heads in my fathers yard that stick up out of the grass about an inch. They are the shortest 2" sprinkler heads. He had the whole system installed a few years ago by someone else. So when the lawn is mowed the sprinklers get broken! Can anyone advise me as to what to do? I went to the hardware store and bought those short plastic green sprinkler heads but they don't have springs In them and I'm not convinced they'll work well. Does anyone have any other advice?

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the first thing to do is carefully dig up each head and see how they are connected. If they are on a flex pipe simply lowering them will work although if this is the case I would recommend going two a 4" head. If they are mounted on a riser direct from the pvc pipe shortening the riser or adding some flex pipe may be necessary.

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