watering seeds/seedlings from below?

jardinerowaFebruary 3, 2013

Hey all,

Can anyone help me out with watering from below. I know it's a good idea for seeds and seedlings but I have such a hard time with it. Either I put a small container in a tray with water and it seems to never suck up water to the top, or I put too much water in the tray and it sucks so much up before there are puddles on the top of the pot. Is there a rule of how many inches of water in a tray compared what size pot you use?
I don't need to use bottom watering for everything but for seeds that are so tiny that I don't want to get them washed away, I would prefer that method. Also for seedlings with leaves close to the soil, the bottom-watering method should work better.


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I don't believe there is any general rule for this sort of thing. You may ask this question in various forums where these types of concerns are common like the Container, Vegetable, Flower and anything grown from seed forums. The only thing I know about this sort of thing is one) the water behaves different in different types of soil Clayey versus Sandy) and 2)that watering from the bottom may dislodge the seed and may damage very tender roots from seedlings. I do use wicking from the bottom into containers via roping in tomatoe container gardening. GL Aloha

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