Adding a Zone/Station

monicakm_gwFebruary 20, 2014

With some help from the internet community, DH thinks he can do at least as good as the people who put in our system, if not better. I've googled how to add a zone to a water sprinkler system. Found some info and a couple YouTube videos. Came across a product on You Tube called "Add a Zone +". I've only watched it once but it seems too good to be true and you know how that usually IS (too good to be true) but if it works, it would sure make things a lot easier.

I have a Hunter Pro C control box. Currently there are 6 stations but it's upgradeable to several more. We're looking to only add ONE, BUT, might possibly be interested, later, in splitting a couple stations and adding more heads....which I guess is what we're doing now LOL

If you have a favorite site with good instructions on how to add zones, would you mind sharing it here please? And also would you guys look at this product and give me your honest opinion.

Here is the YouTube video and below that is a link to Sprinkler Warehouse with additional information.

And one more question. If we do use this Add a Zone +, will my Hunter Remote Control still work like it's supposed to?

I'm sorry, it's been so long since I've posted a link on Garden Web, I've forgotten how to make a clickable link.


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Wow, this forum isn't as busy as it used to be. Maybe it's too early in the year. We have the Add a Zone product and DH is working on the system as we speak. Just in case anyone is interested, I'll post the outcome.

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Followup: Add a Zone works as advertised and my remote control still works :)

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