What is going on with this KO?

Mari_88(7a)May 4, 2012

I am going to try and upload pictures as well but what isnt showing in the picture are the blooms. They look horrible! So terrible i took them all off before i thought to get a pic. The edges of each better are yellow and dry looking. The blooms look old the day they open. As you can see in the oicture lower leaves are bright yellow. I need advice as to what it is and what i should do. Im not big on chemicals so i would like to try natural stuff first.

I do have two ideas of my own. The first is frostbite might be the culprit. This KO got hit with two light frosts just over a week ago. BUT the yellow leaves showed up soon after I bought it i think because it was in too shady a spot at first. I have had it in the ground almost a month and it has put on a ton of new growth...and ugly blooms! Thanks for any advice or ideas!!


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I copied the link, but just got "page not found". However, it does sound like freeze damage to me - a lot of roses leafed out early because of the weird weather, and then were caught by frosts. If you had it in a pot in too much shade, and just planted it a month ago, and it is putting out new growth, I would not worry about it. Just cut off the parts that look damaged from frost, and LEAVE IT ALONE for a while, just giving it adequate water. Presuming that you planted it where it gets sun, it should recuperate just fine.


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Maybe this will bring the picture up Jackie. It gets like 9 hours of direct sun now. If it blooms out ugly and old looking i will be sure to get a picture and post it. Im more concerned with the flowers than the leaves bc the new growth has almost hid all the yellow. Having just planted i dont want to lose it!

Thanks again!

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Ok i figured out the picture thing! Pictures of the rotton flowers coming soon

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