Rose Woes

MisterSHOMay 3, 2012

I'm starting to worry about my rose bush. It's been wonderful for each of the last four years and this year it doesn't look good. The branches are green ... but any new leaves are already dying. It hasn't been an overly cold spring here in Mass, and the winter was mild. Any thoughts?! I'm stressing :)

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Sorry to say but it doesn't look very promising. I'm sure the experts will chime in here, but I would suggest cutting all the canes back to an outward facing node at about 6 inches tall. Try a good shot of fertilizer and water it in well. Good luck! (what type of bush is it? That may help with diagnosis)

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I'd cut about 1/2 of the bush back and give it a 1/2 solution of fish fert. every 2 weeks for 6 weeks and see what happens. Keep it moist but don't drown it.

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It looks like it got hit by frost/cold temps. after it had leafed out.

My roses experienced a lesser degree of this, and though they are leafing out well, the blooms are rather spoiled.

Fortunately, I found a potted Gene Boerner at a local Lowes, planted it about 1 week ago, and it looks great.

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seil zone 6b MI

I agree with both Ken and aegis. It does look like frost bite and you should prune it back some. Take out all the dead wood first, then any canes that cross or rub. Next remove any really spindly canes, smaller than a pencil. What's left prune down by 1/3. Keep it watered and feed it some organics like fish emulsion and then be patient.

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