Honda FG100 won't start

laslonimneOctober 28, 2010

I've owned this tiller for perhaps five years. Oil and filter are serviced annually. This fall the fuel lines and priming bulb were worn, so I replaced them. After replacing the bulb, I started the tiller and it ran only a minute or so before stopping. Now it will not start. In checking the plug, I don't appear to be getting a spark. I cannot locate a wiring diagram, so I don't know how to check to see if the problem is in the switch wiring. Does the switch ground the circuit - so that I could disconnect it and see if that solves the problem?

Any troubleshooting help would be most appreciated.

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My manual does not have a wiring diagram (if you need a manual, the link below will take you to a free download).

When it ran for about a minute, did it then die clean, or did it spit and sputter a bit before dying? Did you try a new plug?

Here is a link that might be useful: Honda FG100 manual (PDF)

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I have an owner's manual - there's no wiring diagram (and I'd love to have one); I need a shop manual, but I'm too tight to purchase one. BUT . . . after sitting for a while, the tiller started, ran for a minute and died. Clean death, no spitting or sputtering. So I'm obviously getting a spark. I've done this several times now - have to wait an hour or so for it to start again. This morning I pulled the fuel filter and cleaned it - no change. So I picked up a new fuel filter, plug and carb kit today. I must have done something to the carb when I replaced the primer bulb.
Advice still welcomed!

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Check the green ground wire (manual, p 32) and the black wire connector. I suspect that it's either a grounding problem, or the fuel filter. Whatever you find, would you post back, please?

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I replaced the fuel filter and spark plug and installed a carb kit. It now starts and runs perfectly. I still have no idea what the problem was.

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Apparently your Spark Plug was faulty , since the carb and fuel filter changes will not effect Spark Quality lol .

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ewalk: great diagnosis - spark plug that fails after 30 seconds. Maybe if it oil-fouled - but certainly not the case here. The problem was fuel starvation. The plug and oil change were not related to solving the original problem. Your "advice" caused me to LOL.

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laslonimne: Your a piece of work , 1st you state "I don't appear to be getting any spark" Then you throw money into a New Fuel Filter , Spark Plug and Carb Kit lol . Every think of testing the Kill Switch or the Neutral Lockout Switch if applicable. With your self proclaimed symptoms this along with the Coil (load test) would be the 1st place to start your investigative planning . Especially when you state it starts after you let it sit (cool down) As for the carb cleaning is the 1st issue (including) the associate lines fittings and FILTER . No not replace inspect and CLEAN. Why did you replace the carb components , was the diaphram torn or sagging from ethanol based fuel usage ? Were the Jets or Seats damaged ? These are the issues a mechanically inclined person checks prior to investing $$$ guessing at the cause and effect . There are numerous people on this forum with much superior knowledge than you have demonstrated within two threads as a relative newbie to the site . It may behoove you to take notes laddy !

I don't know where you came up with the Oil Change scenario as a resolve to your concerns lol . Annual or otherwise .

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