Repair A Plastic Mower deck

iggieOctober 7, 2013

I have a 21 in Yardman mower with a plastic deck, the Briggs & Stratton motor is held in place by 3 mounting bolts two of the bolts have worn thru the plastic and no longer hold the motor in place. I have secured some large washers to use for the repair. What I want to know does anyone know of a better method to repair this deck? I have tried finding a salvage one and had no luck plus they want 145 for a replacement, I,m retired on a fixed income not exactly rolling in cash so I need to fix thing if possible. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Iggie

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There are various forms of permanent repair . The easy method would be to make a support base from body metal . You could use your motor base as a template and then cut the body metal to form a support base within the plastic mower deck . You may wish to utiize your large metal washers as additional strength at the bolt hole areas they could be left free standing or mig welded to their proper location upon the sheet metal.

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There Is Always Something To Deal With!

Please post a good close picture of a hole in the deck.

1. Does the blade and engine appear to be running balanced vs that or looseness could have influenced this wear?

2. My pre suggestion is to try and find some tight fitting steel bushings at Home Depot Etc (dia and thickness) to fit in the holes in the deck. Tight fitting is needed, even if you need to drill the holes clean in the deck. Secure the bushings 1st to dictate drilling if needed. I hate to believe bushings were not in the plastic and lack of balance or loose ness influenced the wear.

No offense but a plastic mower deck, IâÂÂm behind!

Ewalk, I am not following your ref to body metal if itâÂÂs a plastic deck. Except, are you saying a full metal adapter inside the plastic deck? Basically converting it back to a metal deck?

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Loger : Simple you are sandwiching the damaged plastic mower deck between the engine base and the body metal . For additional strength and support utilizing the large washers at the stress point (motor mount area) would be benefical . I did this successfully with a Lawnboy which had the same issue out at Hunting Camp . Once the Season was over we brought it back to town and Tig Welded the mower base. The body metal could effectively be secured with steel pop rivets and secondarily via the motor mount bolts and large washers. If he can find a donar mower at some point he could change out the deck at a later point if economically feisable.

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Thanks Ewalk, If my attached Pic is good enough. IâÂÂm still trying to ref to Green as the plastic mower deck. Is the body metal under the green plastic deck? To me the deck is the body even though this plastic deck is new to me.

I Think I Need To Retire!

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Loger: The orientation of the body metal could be either under the engine or the (green) mower deck . I utilized it under the mower deck previously but the mower deck contour would be the deciding factor. The body metal would add structural stiffness and allow rebolting of the engine within its original mounting locations. I believe the plastic fatigued due to age and possibly fastener loosness , which would cause the vibrations which you originally questioned.

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Got It! The key words that I missed are. âÂÂThe easy method would be to make a support base from body metalâÂÂ. âÂÂBody MetalâÂÂ, I feel is what threw me in making a sub frame/support under or on the green deck.

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You have to wonder how long the plastic deck will last, where is attaches to and supports the wheels. If it has failed where the engine mounts, it might be ready to fail elsewhere. So, it should be cleaned off and inspected as necessary before too much effort goes into repair work, to confirm that it will last a while.

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txtom50(8a texas)

iggie - you might try putting an ad in your local craigslist to see if anyone might have a yardman like yours they want hauled off. craigslist ads are free.

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Iggie: Next time rather than posting within the Toolshed and Lawnmower threads try responding to at least one . Numerous people have tried to assist you without any form of follow up reply by you . This site along with advice is free , so is a simple Thankyou !

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