Stihl Leaf Blower question on product and promo.

mick_nj(6)October 14, 2011


Not sure if this posted twice, as I cannot see my first attempt, so I apologize in advance if this is a repeat.

I'm in the market for a backpack leaf blower. With just under an acre of land, some big trees, and getting a little old to rake it all by hand I started combing this forum for recommendations.

The Stihl BR600 and Redmax seem to dominate the reviews. Echo and Husqvarna models from the big box stores are also under consideration, but I like to buy quality stuff. Not sure if they are overkill, so I went to the Stihl website and then to a local dealer. The Stihl looks big and heavy. Have not found a redmax dealer yet. Does anyone have any recent experiences and recommendations?

I did notice that STIHL has a prmo going. If you but a 6-pack of their synthetic oil along with the new gas-powered tool (needs to be on the same invoice)... and you have the dealer register them together... then STIHL will double the warranty from 2 to 4 years. Here's the link:

However, after going to the dealer, he said the warranty is VERY LIMITED. Anything can throw it off including using gas that is more than 30 days old, or using gas with too much ethanol (WTF?). He went on to say he had none of the oil in stock and that STIHL puts him in a bad position because they scrutinize the carb for any trace of water and if found they reject claims. Regardless if you say that you kept current on the maintenance. That scared me off.

Sorry for the rant, but back to my original question. Does anyone have any recent recommendations based on the current models?



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"That scared me off." Welcome to the world of "mystery fuel" we live in. Whatever you end up with, plan on adding stabilizer, run the engine dry after each use, and generally take a lot of precautions we wouldn't have thought of a few years ago. A very wise man in another forum had this to say about small engine fuel. "Plan your small engine work for a weekend, buy fuel on the way home Friday night. After doing all your work on the weekend, drain all tanks and run engines dry. The gas removed should be added to your car immediately." This will eliminate all the horror stories about "mystery fuel" issues in small engine carbs." Words to that effect anyway.

I'm also getting on in years and looked into a back pack blower. Liked the idea, didn't like the price and had just gone through some issues with 2 cycle engines and warranties due to carb issues. Ended up buying a hand held REMANUFACTURED unit from Amazon for $79.95 including shipping, same warranty as new. Two years later it's still running strong? My logic was that at the price I'll replace it every couple of years and save money.

Believe me, buying a "throwaway" engine was something I previously would never have considered. Have always paid more and got quality and it lasted, now.....

Good luck,


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IMO no different than any brand warranty offered. they will try to squirm out of it. IMO if anything happens within the first year and after than will claim owners neglect! With that said 99% of any model will last two years without doing anything to them, unless you use it once and let it set the rest of the two years, then you carb. may plug up?.

You use any ethanol (some states you have no choice) there will be water in it. That's the crap (ethanol)you don't want to leave stored in the equipment.

Had cheap featherlite blower ran great for 4 years. But, thing vibrated it's self apart which I had to constantly keep tighten shyt up. This one day the recoil won't rewind the rope. On these models you have to destroy it to get to the spring rewinder which leave little to no sucess fixing it.

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I mix 2 cycle fuel 1 gallon at a time and it lasts me 60 days or so. I do not drain tanks except at end of season. I use sta-bil (usually) and Stihl SYNTHETIC 2 cycle mix. I run a small Stihl blower, Stihl trimmer, and Toro snowblower. Snowblower takes 32/1 ratio and Stihls use 50/1, but I generally use 50/1 for everything. Occaisonally, machine will not start and I throw out the fuel and mix a fresh batch with a bit of Seafoam. Not a big deal. Doubling the warranty is a good deal, but it does not cover any issues caused by fuel mix anyway.

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