Report on Cub Cadet BC509

krnuttleOctober 16, 2012

The magic smoke came out of my 14 year old Craftsman Electric string trimmer, and while I like the plugin convenience of the electric, I ran out of electric cords at our new home.

My lot is a little over 3/4 acre, that is partially wooded, with a stone lined ditch in the front.

I looked around and read about the various 4 cycle string trimmers. I was hesitant on buying the Cub Cadet, because most of the reviews I found complained about hard starting. I finally bought 4-cycle Cub Cadet BC509 on the recommendation of a friend

Pricewise I considered it a better deal for the money, as it came with a bump head, cutter blade, and shoulder strap, all extras on most other string trimmers.

I have had the machine about 2 months now. After assembling and putting in the oil, I tried to start it and it took multiple attempts. I was beginning to wonder if I had made a mistake. Then I remembered what I tell my wife: "Husbands do not make mistakes" and sure enough after getting gas into the crevices of the engine. It started easily. after using it for about 15 minutes I shut it off and and about 15 minutes later it restarted it

I have used it a half dozen time since then. I pump the gas with through the system until I am tired and then do it that much again. It has started or attempted to start by the second attempt, and is running on the third.

The keys are pumping the gas, and keeping the throttle wide open for about a minute to get the unit hot. I have had no problems with the bump head, nor the operation of the unit.

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Are you sure you are not flooding it with all the pumping?

1. Does it start with excessive smoke and low rpm like it is burning off excess fuel.

2. While pumping, with the breather off, throttle open, look into the carb for fuel per pump.

3.This sounds like my old 2 cycles w/o a primer bulb that takes 5 pulls to prime /purge fuel lines.

4. I keep planning to add primer/purge but I can manually prime, fire on the 2nd pull and good to go.

5. The key is seeing some gas movement with every pump or you might have a leak in your fuel sys.

Good Luck! You Must Have A Young Pumping/Pulling Arm? LOL.

PS. Break 19 ewalk, A radio Check would let us know you are OK!

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As I said It starts every time between the second and third pull on the starter rope.

As far as I am concerned it works great.

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I'm off task! I thought it started on the 2nd or 3rd set of pumps vs pulls. Back to pumps, do you see fuel moving and have a good hard bulb after 3-4 pumps now? If not, try a light soap test to see if pressure is being lost.

Mainly at the fuel tank's top (if vented) is where I lost pressure. Knowing I lost pressure there priming/purging, I put my finger over the breather hole to seal it and it works better (fuel coming out was a tell tale in the right position).

Good Luck Trimming!!

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