Garden fence opinions ?

Lilyfinch z7 mid tnJune 17, 2014

Hi everyone !
My dh and I just bought a beautiful home in the country surrounded by rolling farmland . We are so excited to put up a nice fence for keeping our dogs , and also to define the yard and most important , become the back bone to my garden .
We have decided on a 4 ft tall , 4 plank farm fence . There will be chicken wire ( or similar ) placed inside it to keep our little dog from escaping . Perfect for clematis to climb ! And roses to drape over.
We aren't sure of we should have it painted black or white ?
Black is very popular for the farms around here . I love the look but I always imagined a white fence ...
White would age faster and need repainted sooner . Black wouldn't but would show bird poop.
Our house is a large red brick home .
Please help me decide ! I am leaning toward black right now but still undecided . dh dosnt care either way .

Not great photo of our back yard if it helps

Thanks for your help ! :)

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You have a beautiful home there with a really nice property! My thought would be that since your house has white trim, I would stick with the white fence...........and also because I just love the idea of a white fence also! :)

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Definitely white.

Beautiful home and I love the property.

Oh the possibilities....

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada

What is the local rural vernacular fencing material (aside from wire?!) I'd be inclined to work with whatever the common local material is. White cedar (Thuja occidentalis) rail fences, in this part of the continent, are a relatively common rural fencing material because cedar trees are very common. The wood ages to silver-gray and is long lasting. Is it a material common in your area? See link below to a Google image search showing cedar rail fences - some with wire an the back, making them suitable for vines....

Here is a link that might be useful: cedar rail fences

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mad_gallica(zone 5 - eastern New York)

White only if you are willing to do the maintenance. I remember when the farm fence were all white. Then rather suddenly, they all switched. Around here, you can occasionally run into a fancy horse farm with white fences, but you know those places have money.

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Lilyfinch z7 mid tn

Interesting how areas of the country do things differently !
Locally , the finer horse farms and cattle farms use black rails . White I now see in lots of neighborhoods that have no farm or rural feel whatsoever . Also if it is white it's almost always vinyl , which would be lovely but a huge expense . I don't see too many un stained or un painted rails , unless they are very old and falling apart. Our installer is using some kind of treated for rot and termite wood .
. I think I see more black than white . Mad gallica , I think it's the opposite here in tn ! Or at least my part .
I know the white will match the trim on house . I like white as long as it looks fresh and clean. White looks nice , sun or shine .
I feel like the black will disappear behind plants and not be as jarring to the eye when it first goes up.
I feel like both are great and no wrong choice ! Isn't that awful ?

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