artesian well use for irrigation

lawneasyMarch 19, 2012

Old dairy farm land. Discovered an artesian well that flows 18-20 GPM from a 1 1/2" pipe in the woods. Is this sufficient flow to feed a 1HP pump for irrigation use? The well is 350ft from house. It would be used for 4 zones with only six spinklers per zone.

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OK, few things. Yes it will be enough water. That being said 350' is a bit far. Might be best if you run a large (2" or 2 1/2") to the house from the well. Will the pump be at the well or at the house? I would recommend the house be either way. I would for certain have a pressure tank and run the system on a pressure switch. Have a master valve that controls the supply on and off in addition to the zone valves. Might consider a bigger pump (1 1/2HP) with less zones. What voltage will you have for the pump?

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One thing to note. Most artesian wells are frowned upon in Florida. State has been doing a good job shutting them down. I might just avoid permits in this case.

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thanks for the response. I have 110/220VAC available. Took my 200' tape to the woods! - it's 440 feet to the side of the house where power is. 1 1/2" pipe discharging 12GPM (which is just a 2 foot stub with a cut off valve installed temporarily). I'll probably run 2" pipe to the house. Should be interesting trenching through the woods. Would 2" polypipe serve as well as 2" PVC SDR 26 @ 20' sticks. Don't recall the friction difference, I'll look it up.

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