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srks72March 27, 2013

I recently purchased a house with city water for the house and an unused well in the yard. I would like to use the well to water the lawn. The well is 17.5 ft deep, has 6.5 ft of water in it and is 2.5 ft wide. The previous owners tried to use it with a sump pump and couldn't figure it out. The sump pump they left is a 1/2 hp pump. I don't want to get a plumber and electrician out to mess with it. The well consistently holds 6 ft of water. The previous owner told us that and we checked it and it has 6.5 ft still.

I went to Lowes and they have a 1 hp lawn pump. It has a plug attached to plug in to a GFCI plug on it already. It says it will run 2 sprinklers with 100 ft hose. My property is 1 acre. I will not be able to reach all of it with 100 ft hose.

I found 2 different gas power pumps on Craigslist. One is a 2 hsp and the other is a 3 hsp.

What should I go with? We plan to do it right eventually with a plumber and electrician. We just have so many other things to do on 113 year old house first.

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Since you already own the sump pump, have you tried it to see if it will pump with that amount of lift ? You will actually be lifting about 11 or 12', I would expect that you might pump 3000-3500 gallons per hour, but the only way to know is hook a hose on it and try. I would avoid a gas power pump, electricity is so much easier and quiter.

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