Does a 50' soaker hose output twice as much water as a 25'?

JuttahMarch 28, 2014

Assuming everything else is the same (PSI, flow, irrigation time, etc.) I would say "no" because the 50-footer would simply distribute the same amount of incoming water over a longer distance. However, the article I linked to below states:

"Fruit trees with roughly 5- to 10-foot canopies probably could be served with a 25-foot-long soaker. A larger specimen... may need 75 to 100 feet or more."

This implies that the longer the soaker hose, the greater the water output. Is this correct? (Any hydrologists out there?) Also, this author wrote:

"... remove the plastic plate with the pin-hole-sized opening at the bib end. Leaving it will prevent the hose from filling and the connection to the hose may explode from the pressure."

Everything I've read says to keep the plastic plate in, to prevent the SOAKER hose from exploding.


Here is a link that might be useful: Soaker hoses, the poor man's drip system

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I have never seen any spec's as to flow rate for a soaker hose. It is just a pourous rubber hose that just sweats the water out. It is by no means precise. A drip tube has spaced emitters that drip a specified amount of water in GPH at a specific pressure. That being said, suppose a 25' hose with 100 holes in it at a given pressure and compare it with a 50' hose with 200 holes in it at the same pressure. Would'nt you expect it to emit more water? It may not be exactly double, but it will be more.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

The output per foot of hose is the same.

Use the longer hose for a larger tree because you can then irrigate more square feet of surface area during a given period of time -- that is a larger root zone.

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