Shrub riser drip adapter question

rocks911March 19, 2013

I have a shrub riser that waters a Japanese Maple and I have attached a drip adapter with one side barb and have attached one section of mini soaker hose.

The soaker hose doesnt seem to be doing much.
I suppose I should use the Poly tubing instead but have no experience with it. Most of what I'm trying to water is a very narrow strip of Lirope and one small area of seasonal color under a small tree.

Is there a maximum length of the poly tubing and/or number of drip heads?
How do I space the drip heads in the poly tubing and how do I affix them to the tubing?

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Some basic questions since I can't see your set up. How many heads and type on your shrub riser zone? Do you know your pressure and flow rate of your water source? Was the soaker hose new? What size barb is coming off the adapter? Are you watering the tree and the narrow strip? Do you have a pressure regulator on the shrub riser line? What was on the shrub riser for the tree? A little more info will go along way to answering yo concerns. Aloha

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