Help with I.D. of a RainBird valve

netuseMarch 5, 2009

I'm hoping those in the know can identify this valve. It's a RainBird, and it's stuck open. I've confirmed that the solenoid is functioning correctly, and still every time I water a zone, the zone fed from this valve is watered as well. So, I believe I need to replace the guts.

If anyone can identify this valve with a model number, I'd be very grateful. A link to replacement parts would be even more helpful. :)


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That's a Rainbird EV-100. You probably need a new diaphram.

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It appears to me to be an old style DV 100, which unfortunately for you they dont make it or parts for any longer. Whats more, the body is probably cracked.
I think you'll end up having to cut out the offending valve and replace it with a new on. From what it looks like in the photo, there is at least one other valve adjacent to it, so you may as well relpace it while you are in there because chances are that it will fail sooner as opposed to later.

All Wet

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