articulating hedge trimmer vs. brushcutter

herzOctober 22, 2010

i have a couple of acres that require periodic clearing of goldenrod and other invasive plants. i have a giant vac field and brush mower that does a great rough cut, but i always have to follow up with a trimmer/brush cutter in the hard to reach places, as well as where the land is too uneven to run the brush hog.

a string trimmer even with a .105 line can be tiresome, replacing line periodically, and i dont like using the brush saw blade on the trimmer, as it seems it doesn't do a good job on the tall grass.

would anyone recommend using an articulating hedge trimmer, such as the echo pas attachment instead? it seems like it would work well for tall weeds and grass, and little saplings that are no thicker than a hedge, much like a sickle bar on a tractor.

thanks in advance

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Maybe you should look into these:

I have no experience with these reciplicators, but I can tell you the articulate hedge trimmer is not it. They are too delicate for that. I would say Maruyama might be better because the Redmax 2401 engine is known to be very very cold nature, hard to start and takes forever to warmup. If you get the 30cc Maruyama power head, you can have option to get more attachment and it is very powerful.

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I have gone the route you are asking about it it works great! Early last year I got a closeout package deal on a Deere commercial split-boom trimmer and one of the atachments I bought was the articulating trimmer to clear thorny stuff like wild roses, goldenrod, and other heavy weeds and grass that was too much for a string trimmer. It works great- definately not "too delicate".. the only issue is that it gets heavy using it down low becasue the ehad is long and the balance ends up being off a little (bottom heavy) using it close to the ground. But since I only do this 2X per year it's not a big deal.

Another big advantage is that it doesn't "throw" the cut material like a brush or string trimmer does - everything just lays down after you cut it. You don't end up wearing everything you cut either!

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