Husqvarna 51 Chainsaw Overheat?

jcostleyOctober 6, 2011

Have been putting my Husky 51 to some larger work on 36" + oak. Now have problem where it runs good for 5 minutes and then stops. Needs to then cool down before restart and the cycle repeats. I think it is overheating but looking for clues. The muffler does not appear to have screen like shown in OM. All rest ok. New plug. Good fuel mix. Have checked other posting but don't see my problem.

This saw is my baby. All help appreciated.

Down in northwest CT hills,


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Jeff; sounds like more of a coil breaking down issue . Have you checked your sparkplug colour . If your fuel filter was plugged same symtoms could appear also . A loose carburator flange nut or leaking fuel line allowing a overlean condition can also cause this condition check out the plug and other carb situations 1st otherwise I would lean towards the coil .

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Weak spark makes a rich condition. A dark or wet plug . I would check for leaks if concerned about leanness.

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