Is the Tonnage Estimating Chart Fairly Accurate

loger_gwOctober 5, 2011

1. Is the Tonnage Estimating Chart "Fairly Accurate" at the 1st address below from your experiences?

2. Using "How to Calculate Log Splitter Tonnage", at the 2nd address below, I'm getting 4.375 (tons). In my opinion and from the chart my splitter is performing at 9-16 tons.

3. What am I missing?

Values used:

Gauge Pressure fully extended = 2,500 psi (3,000 psi gauge)

Cylinder Dia = 3.5

Gauge Pressure/Total Pound Force = 8,750

Tonnage = 4.375

Math: 2,500 X 3.5 = 8,750 Divided By 2,000 = 4.375 tonnage

4. Is the line pressure indicating the quality and performance of the pump?

5. Is the 2,000 the value of a ton?


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Are you figuring in the surface area of the top of the piston to get sq. inches???

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Thanks For The Reply Slowpoke!

1. I do not understand your question. Is it related to the chart or calculations at one of the two addresses? Are you refereeing to the dia of the rod coming out of the cylinder? If so, how is it figured in to get the tonnage?

2. If I truly have only 5 tons, 5 tons will do the average 12 - 18" dia + seasoned logs with no problems. Then comes taking layers from the outside if needed. OR! Give the splitter a start with a 4 - 6" deep chainsaw cut. That "Was" my manual method with splitting Large Tuff Pecan Logs "Only". loger

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I see exmar has already pointed you to to the proper help.

I would calculate you tonnage at 3.5 x 3.5 x .7854 = 9.621sq. in. Now we will take 9.621 x 2500= 24052.875 total pounds pressure on the ram. 24052.875/2000 = 12.026 tons.

No system is 100% efficient, so you will have less than 12 tons of force.

Sorry for the slow response, and I hope you will tell me if I have screwed up. My memory sure is not what it was at one time.

I am old and have been out or the business for many years, but this may give you a place to start.


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Thanks Larry, We'll Hope To See More Days! My body is older than my age (figure that one out). The 12 ton is a better representation of my splitter. I'm still missing something related to 3.5 X 3.5 in your calculations. I feel it's related to my 2" rod size and 3.5" ID cylinder sizes. If that's true, where did I miss that in my original calculation or it was not part of their calculation vs you Engineers? The Bottom Line Is, I Am Satisfied! I wanted to have some idea of what the tonnage rating is. loger

PS. When you are helping a friend or yourself do not hesitate to stack your wood close enough to work from a chair or stool vs your back. It works!!

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Loger, I have never used a log splitter. I could have when I was younger, but like you, my body is older than my years and my back and right hip gives me fits.

The quick and dirty way I calculated your tonnage was by figuring the surface are of your piston x the line pressure. You have a 3.5 inch piston, to get the area of it I square the piston (3.5 x 3.5) which gives 12.25 sq. inches, then I multiply 12.25 by .7854, which is the relationship between a square and a circle, this gives me 9.621 sq. in. for the surface area of the piston. I then multiply that by the line pressure 2500 PSI and get 24052.875 pounds of force. I then divide by 2000 and get 12.026 tons. There are much more complicated formulas used to design a hydraulic system but this should get you close enough for splitting wood.

The rod dia. only figures in on a pull system, which you only use to return the ram to the load position. The pressure for that is very little. A simple way of stating the calculations is force = pressure x area. of course this does not calculate energy loss in the system and that could vary from system to system.

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They are both correct, Loger. If you want to figure pullback force: area of piston minus the area of the rod times the pressure divided by 2000 lbs= tons.

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Thanks to all! I will laminate this info to the splitter suggesting it's approximately 12 tons. This is related to the 9-16 tons, I have seen it perform at per the chart. I feel it will get plenty work due to the trees it appears we lost to the drought here in North TX.

BBQ wood is a big thing here and the jig that quarters short wood is ideal for the 6-8" long wood from a 6-12" dia logs (pecan, oak, mesquite and hickory are our major BBQ woods and that small at home. The Four-Way Slip-On Log Splitter Wedge - 8in. Length (from Northern tools at the 1st address below) Is a great attachment to save time and your back "sitting". I made one from their idea but probably should have purchased two of their Log Splitter Wedge vs all that grinding (same adress lower). Enjoying This Cooler Weather Ewalk,Thanks! loger

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