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whitecap2March 7, 2012

Anyone got any suggestions for attaching 1/2" poly line to soaker hose? I can't find the male hose thread connectors I need locally. The BigBox stores used to carry them, but no more. I have a Mister Landscaper product I picked up at Lowe's a couple of years ago, but it's most difficult to use. You have to force the poly line an inch or so over a stem, thing bring down and tighten a slip collar over it. It's labeled an "end cap," but can be used as a male connector. It requires a lot of effort. Female threaded connectors can still be found, and I suppose I could make do with an adapter that has male hose threads on both ends. Not sure I'll be able to find anything like that, though.

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Why not use a regular hose in place of the poly and bypass the headache? Aloha

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Because I'm attaching the poly lines to sprinkler valves.

You had any experience with or opinion of these new flat soaker hoses? Seems like I heard someone say they're made of woven pvc, something like that. I'm taking the "lifetime guarantee" with a grain of salt.

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Explain in a little more detail. How are you going from a female threaded valve end to your poly line? Seems you would have the same problem as the other end that connects the soaker. My $0.02 on soaker hose. Your soaker hose does not regulate the amount of water along its length and unless you have very clean soft water, it will clog over time. In fact with good pressure it will fine spray all over. Check the pressure rating and quality although this soaker is pvc or steel reinforced. I believe most of this type hose is made in China.JMHO Aloha

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Ok, I screw a pipe thread / hose thread adapter into the valve. To that I attach a pressure regulator. Then I work a female compression fitting onto the poly line, and attach it to the regulator. That leaves me with the problem of connecting the poly line to the soaker hose. (The hoses have been in place for a while.) I've got a couple of lines working satisfactorily, using male threaded compression fittings for the attachment. I've got four to go, but I've run out of the male threaded compression fittings, and can't find any on the shelf anywhere. Even if I reverse the soaker hoses, which would be a hassle, I'd still have to have a male fitting to cap the hose. Beats me why HD stocks the female, but not the male fittings.

This has been an ongoing process, over the years, and I'm reasonable familiar with the limitations and shortcomings of this system. I've tried drip systems, and they don't work for me. But I'd better not get started on that.

What isn't made in China nowadays?

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If you would like to email me whitecap2, I might be able to help you out. My email is there by my user name.

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