Wood chipper blues

Smarsh7903October 8, 2011

I know that this topic has been beaten to death, but I have been looking for parts for an old, old, old chipper. It was the brand troy-bilt bought out in the early nineties i think, but was built before troy-bilt bought them. I know parts are hard to find, and I even found a super long post from this website to help me find parts, but I still cannot find any. The centrifugal clutch on my tecumseh engine is gone, it got slung off when someone crunk the motor up with the wheel off. All the small engine places have told me that there is no more part for it, so now I am looking at either hoping one of you have an old part that I can buy or recommending a replacement for my motor. I can provide pics if you need them. Thanks for all the help!

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Please provide good close Pics at angles that will show as much as possible and any part or model numbers related. There are usually parts out there if you know the right people and places. Plus, there are usually adaptable engines and parts with possibly minimal work (that businesses are not willing to invest in). Old Small Engine Repair Shops/Salvage Yards are usually good sources if they will let you shop them vs larger Shops wanting to sell more. It usually takes some visits but usually parts and options are out there. I'll check 2-3 0f my sources if you'll post the needed info. Knowing your best options related to spending is the big question IMO!! loger

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Did you look at the post listed below? Some of the info looks as if it could be related to your chipper. Most of all, it appears that some help and experience is there. Remember Brand Name's can use other Brand's parts or complete units.

Are their compatibles electric to gas Chipper Shredders on the market? Looking at some of the strength needed and gas engine starting problems triggered this question. My mulching mower is my Light Weight Schredder. loger

Craftsman chipper shredder
�h Posted by: lightningbolt on Sun, Dec 24, 06 at 10:32
�� 10 follow-ups, last one posted on Tue, Oct 4, 11 at 2:43

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I am sorry that it took so long to re write this. I have a lot of land and a lot of things to be chipped and I live so far out that I don't have internet, so I can only get it about once a week when I bum a friends house. I will get pics for you asap. I have a few right now, but they were just to show someone else and aren't what you want. I will take a TON of pics. I really would like to get this thing fixed. I bought it for 180 and already cleared about an acre of wood! Its a life saver and I don't want to lose it yet. I can't afford a new one and so I am pretty much stuck fixing this one.

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Smasher, it looks like a good heavy unit. One thing that would help would be good detailed dimensions of the crank and how you plan on attaching the clutch to the engine.

You may chose to just install a pulley and idler pulley set-up. There should be a lot of options available but they all will start with shaft diameter and method of attachment.


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I am only so so mechanically inclined so if I sound like a moron please forgive me. When I got this unit it worked fine. It made a grinding sound behind the pulley after a while, though, so I took the engine off to take a look. The whole clutch assembly was there, but the it got cranked and one half of the clutch got slung. So I was trying to find another clutch to fit it but it sounds like, from what your saying to me, that I might as well retro fit a whole new shaft/clutch/pulley assembly. It that right ? What about a whole new engine?

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Smasher, Good Pics And Nice Looking Chipper!! Like Larry said, the dia of shaft and your option of a clutch or a pulley system drive with an idler will be two choices. Finding a clutch "might" be your quick fix with the specs and model numbers. A pulley system or heavy-duty electric motor should be easy if you have a good mechanic/electrician in your area. Personally, I d/n see a need for more Pics unless you just want to show more. I am still willing to check some of my sources for a clutch when you post some specs and model numbers. loger

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Smasher, Our replies crossed!! If parts can be found to rebuild the clutch, that would be my choice.

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tom_nwnj(z6 NJ)

The chipper looks like a Kemp.
I think they were located in Pennsylvania.
Yes, bought out by TroyBuilt, or MTDYardman (maybe they are all the same now?)

I had a Kemp chipper shredder with a 5 hp Briggs. Gave it to my neighbor.
The problem with the Kemp shredders (mine at least) was that the chipper/shredder drum had no clutch. Meaning that, to start the briggs engine (pull start only), you were also spinning the shredder drum, which weighs about 80 pounds. Sometimes it was a real bear to start. My neighbor has it setup now, on the PTO of his garden tractor. So now it has a clutch. Works much better.

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Ok, sorry again for the delay. My heater core in my ranger just went kaput so I have spent the last couple of days researching how to replace that, on top of that, I found an old bolens lawnmower (21 hp briggs and 46" cutting deck) that is an 03 model in the woods behind my house! I pulled it out with the truck and actually got it to crank up after about an hour. There were literally trees growing out of the seat foam! I need six belts and some tensions springs to get it going again. Needless to say, I got busy, again, and forgot about my forlorn chipper. I have some more pics for you of the particular part, also found a number printed on the motor. I am stupid and didn't write down the number of the chipper, but I do know it was made by WW grinder company. Still has the stamp on it. I even found a group on yahoo that is just for WW grinder owners. Anyways, here are the pics, I'll put the model number up here tomorrow first thing:

both of these pics are of the same half of the clucth:

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Smarsh vs Smasher, Very Good Pics! Would this be a working clutch (and a easy option) if the springs and shoes were installed back into the hub that allowed them to sling off? loger

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Yes, it would be a working clutch. In fact, the only thing I need is the other shoe and springs, but I can't find them ANYWHERE! I wish I could find them, and I know there has to some somewhere...

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Send a model number off the clutch hub. Have you noticed the other post here that might be related to your chipper that could be sources of info. loger

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I did see the other post Loger. That's one of the reasons I decided to look here. I didn't know there would be another model number, I'll see if I can get it when I get home. Just wanted to say thanks though, you guys have been a huge help and directing me in the right direction. I know this post has been going on for a while now, and I apologize for that.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

You should find what need at this site once know your sizes.

Here is a link that might be useful: clutch

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Sears Parts Direct of all places carries some parts for the 3.5 to 5.0 hp clutch. If nothing they have a good part number listing that you can plug into Google for a search. I have a 1985 Super Tomahawk I am working on also, I wish it had the clutch.

Here is a link that might be useful: sears parts listing

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I thought I had posted even more pics of my chipper a week ago, but I guess I forgot to hit the Submit button or something. I will check out the sears catalog, and I wish mine had the clutch too, ha ha. I hate cranking it up every week to keep it running well, when if I could use it, I wouldn't be wasting gas. Anyways, I found more numbers by the shaft. I don't know what they are for, but maybe they will help someone out.

in case you can't make out the number, it is 19 0 80. No dashes, just spaces.

Here is a tag with the chipper's model number, The serial number is just BARELY able to be made out. I think its 8300030 but I am not 100% sure.

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The Little Motor Pool
(207) 832-7578
2450 Friendship Rd, Waldoboro, ME 04572

I have yet to find a machine this man can't fix. I don't think he has a website - I can't find one - but if you're patient and can get him the info, he'll get you up and running. Tell him the guy with the yellow Suzuki sent ya.

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Sweet, I'll do it. Thanks. I'm actually down to buy/sell bulletins and am even going to get on a local AM radio station today during the trade hour to see if someone has an old chipper like this I can hopefully bum parts off of.

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I'm a bit late to this forum (just joined today) but I have an old Kemp Chipper/Shredder that has a tired centrifugal clutch with shoes that look very similar to yours. I am about ready to replace it b/c it slips more & more even at full engine RPM. My cluch is mfg. by NORAM. I have found their specific info at www.noramclutch.com You can also find other mfg. by googling 'belt drive centrifugal clutch'. Let me know what you end up doing.

btw: your chipper/shredder looks very similar in constructions style and color to the the Kemp Chipper/Shredder I picked up 2 yr ago. I replaced the engine w/ a greyhound from aHarbor Freight and now need the clutch. I will need new shredder 'fingers' sometime too. Let me know if you run across any Kemp chippers.

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Does anyone know where I can get a replacement clutch for my Chinese-made woodchipper?

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