sprinkler zone stays on while other zones are on

gcolor18March 19, 2013

I have a Hunter pro C console with 7 zones. Recently zone 7 is on when i turn on the other zones. Let's say i turn on zone 1, zone 7 turns on also, but if i turn zone 1 off zone 7 continues to be on. Only way for me to turn zone 7 off is to turn off the main water valve. I changed the solenoid and the diaphragm from hunter pgv valve (zone 7), but still continues to do the same thing. Any suggestions on what i should try before i call someone for repair?

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Is this a recent occurrence? Is it a reoccurring intermittent problem. There is a few troubleshooting scenarios to attempt to get a better idea of the type of problem. Is this you want to do yourself if given the scenarios and post the results back here? Aloha

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