Jakeleg PVC Fix

whitecapMarch 2, 2013

Struck a shrub bubbler and cracked, right down the middle, the sched. 40 "T" connection to which it was attached. The cracks were about 1/8th inch wide, on each side of the top of the T, and narrowed towards the bottom. Large roots had the T connector in such a bind that there was no replacing it. Did a little online research, and read about a sealant formed by dissolving sawed up PVC dust in purple primer. Then I came across a videoclip advertising a product called Plast-Aid. The online demo was quite persuasive, so I decided to give it a try. It was hard to find, and expensive, $31. It came in 2 bottles, 4 oz. of powder and 2 oz. of liquid. I narrowed the cracks with a radiator hose clamp and larded them up with the Plast-Aid paste. It sets up very quickly. No leaks this morning, knock on wood. Only thing, contrary to the representations in the demo, this stuff is very difficult to remove from the hands. The pool supply guy I got it from says his service people use it all the time.

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Don't know what kind of comment you are looking for or what question you may want answered but I would have done things differently. But you expected that. First the root is still there and will eventually crack the new expensive glue you have applied. I would have removed the root problem and replaced the tee with two mechanical pvc coupling costing less than $10. This is more work but less expensive and a better long term fix. Anyone believe differently? JMHO aloha

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And just what part of "there was no replacing it" did you fail to grasp? You would not have "removed" this root problem. No, you would have proposed rerouting the line, at considerable expense.

I did not offer my comment with a view to making a display of my "jakeleg" ingenuity. It was made for the benefit of anyone who may wish to attempt to seal a leak in PVC when other methods (telescoping slip joint, whatever) may not be feasible.

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Just as I suspected. With such an impolite reply, you were just promoting your latest product. Well, I am not sold one bit, especially with a name like whitcap which is the name of a hardware store. JMHO ALoha

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Give it a break, already. Repartee is not your long suit.

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