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sweetwilliam89(5b)March 29, 2014

We'd like to set up an irrigation system using drip tape for some land we're renting for vegetables. Thinking about using 0.37 gph, 15 mil tape emitters spaced 12". Our water supply line would be attached to another hose that would be attached to a faucet. The supply line would be attached to 24 drip tape lines with each running 26 feet.The supply line itself would run about 40 feet in length. I know we need to have the drip tape and supply line but I'm wondering what other parts (could just get a kit, but the kits may have extra unneeded parts) I need to get to attach to the hose and if the system will work or if anyone has any suggesitons greatly appreciated.

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By my calcs you need a 4.5 gpm source unless you break it into zones. If source pressure is over 25 psi you will need a pressure reducer before the mainline and drip tape. Does your source give you the 4.5 gpm. You should fill a 5-gal bucket in one minute but that is at your source pressure not at 15-20 psi for drip. Fill the bucket with the pressure reducer on the line. JMHO Aloha

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