Drip Irrigation Help!

tsinghMarch 30, 2013

I put together a drip irrigation system that looks as follows.

1 - From a garden spigot => small lead hose => multi connector manifold => timer valve (attached to an orbit timer) => 20 psi pressure regulator => pvc adapter => hose connector => 1/2 inch drip irrigation hose => connector => 1/4 inch drip irrigation tubing => 1/2 gph red drip emitter.

2 - The half inch tube runs around the garden as follow

26 feet straight (part 1) => elbow connector => 5 feet (part 2) => 30 feet straight (part 3).

3 - I have for 1/2 gph emitters towards the end of part 1 and one sprinkler type emitter towards the end of part 3.

When I turn the system on (I have the spigot turned on only ust a little bit), either manually or automatically for 1 minute..the 4 1/2 gph emitters are spraying a stream of water instead of dripping.

What am I doing wrong?


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Too much pressure. Test your pressure from the splitter and see what you get(hose water pressure gauge from hardware store). Let us know what it is. Your 20 psi pressure regulator may be overwhelmed with the initial pressure or maybe not functioning. I can tell you are concerned with a pressure problem when you say I only turned the water a little bit. Aloha

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