Sprinkler Heads Popping up Slowly

monicakm_gwMarch 21, 2014

We recently changed heads and added some sprinklers to a zone. There aren't too many for the zone. When we turn it on, the sprinklers don't pop up as quickly as other zones and they spurt and sputter more. What could be the reason for this. Once they get going, all is fine. There are 8 heads and all are the regular spray nozzles, most are 180s. Two are 360s set to between 180 and 360. Water pressure is more than adequate.

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If you are sure it is not a pressure problem, then it is probably a broken line. Do any of the filters at the heads have debris in them. A broken line will suck air as well as a valve that only opens partially and cavitates the water going through it. Check for both. JMHO Aloha

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L :)
I'm sure it's not a pressure problem. Our pressure is 80psi. We cleaned/flushed the heads when we reworked the station but will check it again. HOWEVER, something I just discovered shortly after I asked this question, is we DO have a broken line or sprinkler head, but not on that station, and all the other stations pop up within 3 seconds....that trouble station takes about 18 seconds to get going. I just discovered a popup that was standing in water all around it. We've turned the water off to the system till my husband has time to track down the leak/break. The station was taking a long time to startup before the lleak.

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Your pressure is high for the usual system. This can cause stress when the system is started and stopped. The stress is in the form of a water hammer pressure wave that bangs up and down your pipes against the heads, regulators and valves when the auto valve slams shut. Do you hear a large thud and echo when the auto-valves close. You should reduce the pressure to 60 psi before the valves. If you need the 80 psi to create your head throw distance to cover the lawn properly, then you will have to live with the damage over time. JMHO Aloha

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