Drip Irrigation troubleshooting

dmarin(Z9 NorCal)March 23, 2014

Hello All!

I put in a drip system for my home veggie garden. It consists of a timer/controller (Orbit), a filter, a 30psi regulator, and 2 legs of 1/2" supply pipe. Each plant has a ring that I fashioned out of drip line (3 emitters per ring, looped and taped together). Each loop emits roughly 2.4Gph.

The system is working pretty well, except that 2 emitters at the end of one leg seem to be getting less water/pressure; in spite of keeping both legs roughly the same length, and with roughly the same flow.

I don't know that it will be a problem, but I'm wondering if using 1/4" or 1/2" tubing to connect the ends of the legs together would better equalize the pressure between the two.


Otherwise, this was a great experience, and buying a kit from a place like DripworksUSA made the project so simple.

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My $0.02, go for it and let us know what happens. That should work for you. JMHO Aloha

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dmarin(Z9 NorCal)

I will do it and report back. I'll try it first with 1/4" tubing-if it's pressure, it should help. If it's volume, then connecting the 2 legs with supply line will help, and that is my second step.

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dmarin(Z9 NorCal)

My plans changed when my mother in law handed me another tomato plant-a variety I would never grow, of course-and said it was her favorite tomato and to grow it for her.

So I took a 1/4" line from each leg, teed them and ran the output to a spike bubbler. I have more than enough flow and pressure at the bubbler, so I'm guessing that the emitters on those low-flowing plants are the problem, and not pressure nor flow on the supply lines.

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