Question(s) on converting sprinklers to drip

BobRossMarch 9, 2014

I'm looking into converting my old sprinkler system to a drip system, however, what I've read from other sites imply that you have to be completely all of one or none. I would like to try to replace the system piecemeal based on my lack of free time.

Is it advisable to replace existing sprinkler heads one by one until I get the entire system finished? Is it okay to have one sprinkler zone be part old sprinklers, part drip system?

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I am going to agree with those other sites. What about those comments from the other sites did you not believe?
Here is why:
The flow rates will be different for drip(0.5 GPH) and sprinklers (5 GPH). This equates to over or under watering one of the areas on the same zone because the time to irrigate would be equal. You would have to create separate zones for each type of distributing water. For example if you irrigated all but one sprinkler for the lawn for 4 minutes which is what the lawn needs. You will be under watering the drip area because it has not gotten enough time time to irrigate. Theoretically you can make the flow rates match for the drip (it wouldn't be drip any longer) but it would be very complex and a lot of trial and error.
I don't Know how you would do this piecemeal. Maybe other on this forum would know and we can all learn something. JMHO Aloha

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