Experience with the Noodlehead sprinkler? Other ideas maybe?

dcrosby(5MA)March 8, 2012

Dear Garden folk

I've been eying the Noodlehead sprinkler (Gardeners Supply, Park Seed, Gardeners Edge) It is advertised as a solution to unusually shaped garden plots. My bed is a simple rectangle. What I want to know is whether the sprinkler would work with a normally shaped garden plot where the sprinkler would be placed outside of the garden (rather than in the center). I waste so much water and make such a mess with other sprinklers (of which I've tried many)

Question is...are the 'noodles' long enough and does the spray reach far enough to water a regular bed

Am I making any sense?

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No experience with this item myself BUT looking at the website and some reading my question would be why not micro head irrigation. Very easy to install and maintain in most situations and water use is very easy to control. Many companies out there making these systems and most these days are interchangeable. I would check out micro heads rather than that Noodlehead myself. Just an idea.

Good luck,

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Thanks for the idea Tom! I checked it out but my bed is sooo small that any irrigation set up would probably take up 1/2 the plot


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I do have experience with both a noodle head and micro sprinkler systems.

Micro sprinkler systems-
They clog very easily, are time consuming to set up and also break constantly. Very seldom willy your micro sprinkler system work as intended. You will spend more time and money designing and maintaining micros

This actually works much better than I thought it would. You will need to valve it if it's on a sprinkler system. Most cities water pressure will make these things shoot water 20-30 feet. I have them in my large vegetable gardens and they are easy to install and easy to adjust. If you need to you can also add extension hoses to the heads to drip irrigate or micro spray areas away from the head. This also handles water pressure very well. I've had trouble with that in the past with micro water distributors

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