2-cycle starts then stalls after 3-5 seconds

microsvcOctober 2, 2011

Craftsman Leaf Blower. I start it and it runs 3-5 seconds then quits. I have set the idle screw and mix screw per the manual. I have tried new fresh gas, new gas filter, nothing helps. The plug is spot on for gap. If I rapidly move the choke lever back and forth, it will keep running, but when I stop moving it, it stalls. Ideas?

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This recent post might help you with your troubleshooting.

Give and consider some history:

1. Age and hours on blower?

2. Have all fuel lines and primer/purge been checked for cracks/deterioration?

3. Have the carb been checked for restrictions or diaphragm cracks?

4. Good blue spark and have you switched to a known working plug?

5. Have you checked the compression with a gage or not being to hold the compression with a finger?

6. Do you have basic small combustion engine troubleshooting skills from a few or a lot of engines?

7. No harm is intended with any question vs getting a feel for your efforts.

8. Please report success or call back if needed.

More Experience and tips are on the way. Good Luck! loger

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Most of the blowers have a bad habit of the cylinder bolts coming loose. Grab the plug and wiggle and look at the
engine and look for slop/looseness.


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I did some work on it today. After several starts and stalls, I noticed a lot of gas sitting below the carb. I'm thinking it's flooding and running off. Suggestion? I cant find any cracks or loose bolts. Frustrating.

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Mic: If you have tried what fish recommended without resolve you may very well have a flooding condition.
1st check all fuel line connections and if tight check your inlet needle valve located under the carb diaphram . It may be sticking allowing excessive fuel causing the fuel leakage . Be carefully not to stretch or tear the diaphram membrane . A little carb clean / conditioner added to fresh fuel is proactive within this gumming issue reduction .

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