Peach Tree Seedling

gardenlady48(z5 IL)March 14, 2012

I have a wonderful peach tree that miraculously started from a pit in the compost pile. I took it inside, for the winter, in our sun room. Is it too early to plant outdoors?

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Is it currently in leaf? If not go for it. If it is, plant after fear of frost has passed... which may have already happened with this wacko "winter".

I am not sure about the hardiness of peach trees planted as seedlings, but keeping it in a container for a year is also an option.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

in my z5 MI.. just south of ann arbor ...

last POTENTIAL frost freeze is at least mid may ... we.. meaning God and I .. do not bet one an odd season now and then ...

it can NOT go outside until .. at a minimum.. it is fully hardened off .. so put it in the garage.. for at least 3 weeks ...

you do understand.. that named varieties of fruit.. usually do not come true from seed .. so you may or may not get a good fruiting tree from you pit ...

is it leafed out.. and how hot has your sunroom been.. more facts.. for better answers ...


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Do not put it in your garage. Keep it in your sunroom until frost is over. It'll be FINE in there. When danger of frost is over, bring it outside. You may want to keep it in the pot in a protected area for the season. However, it may be mature enough to plant. I put out four of them early last fall, and they wintered over in-ground just fine.

As for growing peach from pits. Go for it. Pit fruits are usually fine grown on their own roots. There is not the huge genetic pool you find in apple, for instance. In fact, my very BEST peach is pit grown. Very prolific, heavy bearer and excellent taste.

Pic here is a potted peach, and those three gallon pots to its right are also potted peach all grown from pit from my 2010 harvest, germinating spring of 2011. I did four dozen of them this year. I keep new peach continually planted on my property to keep the harvest increasing.

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Thought I'd clarify......because of the situation with your peach tree. You can see mine is also leafed out. That's OK. Normally, when I germinate trees after the winter stratification, I plant them in greenhouse in spring. Pot them up as they need it, monitoring the root system so they don't curl around the pot or compromise a tap root. Put them in a shade house after frost is over to grow on through the season.

I'm not telling you to start hardening it off, because you may not even want to put it in-ground this spring/summer/fall. You may want or need to bring it to its second year before you plant it out, like if you were buying it from a nursery. Those aren't first year plants you get there.

I dismantled part of my nursery/greenhouse operation when I retired last summer, but kept a few, and my peach trees were over-wintered in here just above freezing. This isn't dormant stock so it's no big deal they're in leaf in March when my frost free date is May. I'll keep them protected in my g'house until May. They could have overwintered in my shade house with no heat, in which case they would have gone dormant and not broken bud yet.

You really, really, really don't want to put nursery stock in an un-lit garage, unless there is no other option and then not long term. Your sun room would be a better choice so the leaves can photosynthesize. It is NOT DORMANT. It needs light.

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gardenlady48(z5 IL)

as always..thanks to all for the wonderful advice. :)

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