Cub Cadet LT1050 Drive Belt Problem

brian94May 16, 2007

Hello everyone. I'm a long time reader with a first post. I received a brand new LT1050 last year (06) for Father's Day. It's a comfortable, strong and easy starting machine. But, with about 5 hours on the hour meter, the machine started making a loud clacking noise. I disengaged the PTO but the noise kept on so I shut the engine down and started to inspect. The only thing that I could come up with is that it might have been coming from the drive belt tension mechanism but I couldnÂt be sure without the engine running. After restarting the machine the problem never came back for the rest of the cutting season. Now, so far this season (April-May, 07), it has happened twice. Both times with the smell of burning belt and with the tension mechanism and belt beating back and forth very fast. ItÂs a random occurrence with no warning signs. All of my grass is on level ground and there were no obstructions of any kind in the grass or on the tractor. I was mulching with the mulch plug, the temps were in the 70s and the mowing speeds were low to moderate with the engine at full throttle. Has anyone else had or heard of a problem like this? The tractor is still under warranty but I thought I'd ask you guys before I take it in. I called Cub Cadet and the automated recording pointed me to a repair shop about 25 minutes away called DON'S AIR COOLED in Willis Michigan. Don seemed to think it was just a worn belt and to bring it in Friday morning. I asked him about the spring and pulley mechanism a couple of times but he just kept referring back to the belt. I also messaged Cub Cadet today through their support page explaining the problem. WeÂll see how that goes. Thanks for reading.

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I had one that the PTO clutch bolt was not loctited in @ the factory and the bolt dropped part way out and the clutch came off the locator. One would think that if a belt was chunked, it would be consistant.

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I checked all of the bolts that I could see and or feel and everything seems to be in place and tight. I spent most of yesterday and last night Googling and reading. It seems there are a lot of people out there with the same type of problem. The models that came up the most were the LT1046 and LT1050. Supposedly there is a service advisory out there somewhere that deals with the problem, (Service Advisory CC-497), and has to do with an improved tension spring. I'd like to get my hands on that.

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The belt will not be covered under warranty. You could try replacing the spring with a new 1. I broke the belt on my 1050 last fall mulching leaves by not running the throttle wide open. My brother has the 1046 and his spring lost some tension and the belt would make a funny sound replaced the spring and the sound stopped.

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I also have had a belt problem with my lt1046. I have had a terrible time replacing the drive belt. I now have 2 stitches in my left hand due to removing the engine in order to replace the drive belt.. Replacing such a useful device should be easier than this. I have removed engines, trannys, and various things in cars and never had this much of a problem. Do not buy this crap cadet. Soon as i finish replacing the belt i will sell for a John deere.. Its too bad honda doesnt make a riding lawn mower!!!

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The 1050 has a known tension spring problem that will get replaced under warranty but if the drive belt needs replaced that will come out of your pocket.

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Cubsux -Why would you need to remove the engine to replace the drive belt?Maybe drop the PTO clutch but I can not see a reason to pull the engine?Honda did have a lawn tractor at one time.It was made by John Deere for Honda.Was acctually a LX 100 series with a Honda engine.

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My friend has a LTX 1050 "Kawasaki" that she purchased in 2010 and the deck belt continuously comes off. I have had to put it on for her 3 times in one day. I have the same mower "Koler" from 2009 and have never had a problem. When I replace the belt it appears far too easy to do (now that I have done it so often and have become accustomed to it) so I wonder if the tension spring has weakened. Is there a history of this? Does anyone have any suggestions?

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hoot49(south east, usa)

To johndeer on his question about pulling the engine to replace the drive belt...when you drop the PTO, you will see the drive pulley is surrounded by two or three guide tabs that hold the belt around the pulley. They cannot be moved away from the pulley. So you have to loosen the motor mount bolts, crawl out from under the mower and lift the engine up enought to remove the belt from the pulley. Then you put the new belt in the pulley, lower it back into the frame and hope that the belt stays on the pulley or you have to repeat the process again (and again and again...)

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hoot49 - interesting. Not the way the CC serv manual says to change the traction drive belt for that series, but Johndeere's post is about 5 yrs old - may not be relevant now.

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It is relevant only as information to potential future readers.
The above alternative method for dealing with how to replace the traction drive belt when the traction drive pulley is seized to the crankshaft can be the ONLY way to accomplish the task without destroying the drive pulley by attempting to get the pulley off.
I would much rather to loosen the engine and "git r dun" than to hedge my bets on whether a stuck pulley is going to yield.

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well, lessee how this looks:
"30.8. Slip the crankshaft pulley down far enough to get
the belt off of the pulley, and remove the belt
from the crankshaft. See Figure 30.8.
NOTE: Belt keepers that are part of the tractor
frame prevent the belt from being removed without
lowering the pulley.
NOTE: The pulley may be removed from the
crankshaft at the discretion of the technician."

That's right out of the 1000-1500 series serv manual.... and I don't really know if there is enuff room to lift thet engine straight up with the ground drive pulley in place to be able to wangle the ground drive belt off past those fixed keepers - which I fully agree are something of a PITA. just saying... MHO.

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