P=F/A concerning my garden?

wholleyMarch 23, 2013

I have a large garden and am trying to figure out what pump size I need. I am going to pump from a pond and looking at a 158 GPM, 163 OHV engine, Inlet dia., 2", Outlet dia., 2", Total Head: 98' and 1,700 ft of pipe from my pond to the garden and with Rainbird impact sprinklers that put out 5.60 gpm @ 30 psi.

So my question is if I reduce the pipe size down to 3/4" and each sprinkler head is mounted 4 ft high mounted to a pole how many impact sprinkler heads can I run simultaneously.

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Or what size pump would I need to pump that distance?

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Some basic info is needed.
1. What is the vertical height from pump vertical centerline to the elevation of the garden?
2..What diameter of pipe will be used for the 1,700 lf of mainline from pump to garden?
3. Area of garden and shape?
4. What is the radius of throw for impact sprinklers @ 30 psi.
5. What is your level of knowledge on hydraulic design?
6. Was this info provided to you as a recommendation or proposal?
7. What brand have you selected for impact sprinklers?

Your question has many answers depending on the answers to the questions. Aloha

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